In my Zone

I was chatting with a friend this week about concerts and live music in general. I LOVE music, probably too much if that’s possible. If I have a song playing that I’m really feeling and my phone rings, I will totally ignore the call—even though I can put the song on pause! Music just puts me in a zone, in a certain place that I don’t want interrupted. And that “place” totally depends on the song. Certain songs make me go that extra mile on the treadmill (thank you Beyonce!). Other songs make me stay up past the wee hours of the night to work on a project. And there are songs that just make me want to go wedding dress shopping (damnit Justin Timberlake!)

My love for music has also caused me to be an absolute seat snob when it comes to concerts. If I’m not in the center front, first ten or so rows, I don’t even want to go. I don’t want the artist(s) to be a speck thousands of feet away or have to watch them on a large screen (I can do that at home). Needless to say only a handful of friends will go to concerts with me since most would rather pay their mortgages instead 🙂 I think we all have that thing that we have to have a certain way and only want the best of the best of. For some it’s cars, shoes, vacations or organic food. Music is definitely mine … and maybe* shoes (*definitely shoes).

When I was writing “A Chance to Lie”, I was intentional about not putting too much of myself in any of the characters. Bailey is nothing like me but I couldn’t resist making her a music lover. Well, and a lover of foot-coverers, too 🙂

Womb Sharers

Mothers are many things. First and foremost they’re awesome. Regardless of the relationship one has (or doesn’t have) with their mom, the physical sacrifice of body that a mother makes to bring life into the world can be rivaled with no other experience, sacrifice or gift. I think most of us can agree on that.

Mothers come in many forms and how God pairs us up with our own individual mothers is both genius and comical. We’ve had our moments when mom was the only person that we wanted in the room with us during a given situation. And there have been other moments when we wondered who the woman was and why she was talking out loud.

Bailey’s relationship with her mother in “A Chance to Lie” is a complex one. Like many relationships, communication is the missing link to its success and that’s definitely the case between Bailey and her mom. And right when you think they’ve got it right—Nope, new challenges put them back at square one. But isn’t that how it goes in real life too? Just when you think you’ve moved past your issues with someone and are on the same page you realize that you’re not even in the same book!

On this Mother’s Day weekend, I’d like to say kudos to all the moms who’ve put in the effort to be in the same book with their daughters and sons. To all the others, thanks for keeping life … interesting. You too are so appreciated 🙂

My Beloved Place to be (and its output)

I love driving. For me it’s relaxing and inside my car is one of my favorite places to be. I enjoy my music, clear my head and return phone calls (hands-free)—it’s the only time that I enjoy being on the phone, actually. In addition to being a therapeutic vessel for me, my car is also where I’ve received great news (job offer calls), sang like a rock star* (*not like a rock star) and spawned a lot of ideas. One of these ideas was the concept for my novel, A Chance to Lie. I did the actual writing of the book at Starbucks, for the most part—Hi Debra, Nathan and Amber! In fact I wrote at least seventy-five percent of it there and am a gold card-carrying Starbucks patron because of it (love the decaf non-fat caramel latte, no foam … one-hundred forty degrees).

And I’m so glad that you’re here—thank you! I appreciate your taking the time to check out the site and learn a bit about the book. Your being here means that my book is complete (Yay!) and actually available for the public to read and enjoy. I hope you have or soon plan to get a copy of A Chance to Lie. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

You know, it’s sometimes a good thing to not know how difficult a project is actually going to be or else we may avert commencing it at all costs. As happy as I am with the final product of ACTL, the writing and especially editing process were at times about as fun as having gas on a first date. The experience was my own version of pregnancy and childbirth but the beautiful baby in the end (in my case, a book) made it all worth it. The fun moments are the day that you decide on the name, hear the doctor (or editor) tell you that things look good and are progressing well, see the image on the screen (or view the book cover in InDesign); and the best is when your creation is finally here to present to the world. Well world, I hope you enjoy my little creation as much as I enjoyed … finishing it 🙂