I love driving. For me it’s relaxing and inside my car is one of my favorite places to be. I enjoy my music, clear my head and return phone calls (hands-free)—it’s the only time that I enjoy being on the phone, actually. In addition to being a therapeutic vessel for me, my car is also where I’ve received great news (job offer calls), sang like a rock star* (*not like a rock star) and spawned a lot of ideas. One of these ideas was the concept for my novel, A Chance to Lie. I did the actual writing of the book at Starbucks, for the most part—Hi Debra, Nathan and Amber! In fact I wrote at least seventy-five percent of it there and am a gold card-carrying Starbucks patron because of it (love the decaf non-fat caramel latte, no foam … one-hundred forty degrees).

And I’m so glad that you’re here—thank you! I appreciate your taking the time to check out the site and learn a bit about the book. Your being here means that my book is complete (Yay!) and actually available for the public to read and enjoy. I hope you have or soon plan to get a copy of A Chance to Lie. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

You know, it’s sometimes a good thing to not know how difficult a project is actually going to be or else we may avert commencing it at all costs. As happy as I am with the final product of ACTL, the writing and especially editing process were at times about as fun as having gas on a first date. The experience was my own version of pregnancy and childbirth but the beautiful baby in the end (in my case, a book) made it all worth it. The fun moments are the day that you decide on the name, hear the doctor (or editor) tell you that things look good and are progressing well, see the image on the screen (or view the book cover in InDesign); and the best is when your creation is finally here to present to the world. Well world, I hope you enjoy my little creation as much as I enjoyed … finishing it 🙂