Mothers are many things. First and foremost they’re awesome. Regardless of the relationship one has (or doesn’t have) with their mom, the physical sacrifice of body that a mother makes to bring life into the world can be rivaled with no other experience, sacrifice or gift. I think most of us can agree on that.

Mothers come in many forms and how God pairs us up with our own individual mothers is both genius and comical. We’ve had our moments when mom was the only person that we wanted in the room with us during a given situation. And there have been other moments when we wondered who the woman was and why she was talking out loud.

Bailey’s relationship with her mother in “A Chance to Lie” is a complex one. Like many relationships, communication is the missing link to its success and that’s definitely the case between Bailey and her mom. And right when you think they’ve got it right—Nope, new challenges put them back at square one. But isn’t that how it goes in real life too? Just when you think you’ve moved past your issues with someone and are on the same page you realize that you’re not even in the same book!

On this Mother’s Day weekend, I’d like to say kudos to all the moms who’ve put in the effort to be in the same book with their daughters and sons. To all the others, thanks for keeping life … interesting. You too are so appreciated 🙂