I was chatting with a friend this week about concerts and live music in general. I LOVE music, probably too much if that’s possible. If I have a song playing that I’m really feeling and my phone rings, I will totally ignore the call—even though I can put the song on pause! Music just puts me in a zone, in a certain place that I don’t want interrupted. And that “place” totally depends on the song. Certain songs make me go that extra mile on the treadmill (thank you Beyonce!). Other songs make me stay up past the wee hours of the night to work on a project. And there are songs that just make me want to go wedding dress shopping (damnit Justin Timberlake!)

My love for music has also caused me to be an absolute seat snob when it comes to concerts. If I’m not in the center front, first ten or so rows, I don’t even want to go. I don’t want the artist(s) to be a speck thousands of feet away or have to watch them on a large screen (I can do that at home). Needless to say only a handful of friends will go to concerts with me since most would rather pay their mortgages instead 🙂 I think we all have that thing that we have to have a certain way and only want the best of the best of. For some it’s cars, shoes, vacations or organic food. Music is definitely mine … and maybe* shoes (*definitely shoes).

When I was writing “A Chance to Lie”, I was intentional about not putting too much of myself in any of the characters. Bailey is nothing like me but I couldn’t resist making her a music lover. Well, and a lover of foot-coverers, too 🙂